Friday, February 20, 2015

An hour in Star$

I'm sitting in Star$ in an area of town that has a little trouble with bathroom abuse. So they have put a lock on the door that requires a code to unlock.  People keep going up to the bathroom door and trying to get in, despite the code lock on the door. They turn the handle multiple times, to no avail.  Multiple times, they try the handle, only to finally realize they can't get in.  There is a man sitting near the door who keeps telling the people the code. 10-6-6-9.  Over and over again.  He should be given a free cup of coffee for his efforts.

There's a mom and her kids at the table next to me. The kids are having a great time on their games, while the Mom is focused on whatever work she is doing at the moment. She has said several times to the kids, "we're going to go soon, I promise."  Soon is a relative word.

The employees are busy behind the counter, one taking incessantly. His voice reminds me of someone I know...but it's not the same person. He is, however, an employee that was at my regular Star$.  The one that I could tell didn't do much of anything when the manager wasn't around.  He still doesn't do much but talk...loudly.  

People flow through the door with regularity.  Life just keeps moving along. I'm a silent observer.  Watching and listening and pondering it all.