Sunday, June 23, 2013

Things I miss, things I don't

There are some moments when I really miss working for a church, full-time.  I miss the people who just pop in to say Hi or the conversations about faith and humanity that occur randomly.  I miss the freedom and flexibility of the days schedule.  I miss late night conversations in the parking lot after youth group and the impromptu meet ups at the local Tacqueria after a youth group event.  I miss water balloons and messy night and small groups and worship team rehearsals where we worshiped freely without the eyes of the congregation on us.  I miss the relationships with people and the conversations where the layers fell away and we could get real about our lives, our doubts, our hopes and dreams.  I miss that stuff.

I do not miss the people who sit through the music, the prayers and the sermon and don't hear what is being said but only focus on the ONE thing that irritates them.  I don't miss those people then proceeding to corner me after the worship service to express their displeasure about the one thing that bothered them.  I don't miss ending worship on a high only to be brought back down to earth with a jarring thud.  I don't miss the never ending conversation about hymns or "those praise songs" and projectors or hymnals.  Serving communion by passing the plates or intinction (not sure I spelled that correctly).  I don't miss the conversations about the allowing people to bring their beverages into the sanctuary or making them drink them outside the doors.  I don't miss hearing the complaints about "those children" being too loud during the worship service.  I just don't miss that kind of stuff.

But I do miss a lot of the rest.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Grumpy Monday's

I hereby declare this to be a grumpy Monday.

I woke up grumpy.

I waited in line for my coffee grumpy.

I watched two people who ordered after me get their coffee before me and continued to be grumpy.

I drove to work grumpy.

I have checked work emails and am still grumpy.

I listened to the person who can't seem to get to work on time and has a million excuses make another excuse and got grumpier...and I don't even work with them!

I am hoping that by the time the Bachelorette viewing party begins tonight my grumpiness will have been dispersed because it could get ugly people.  Tonight might be the night that I stay home and watch the Bachelorette by myself (though that takes the fun out of it.)

Sigh.  Grumpy Monday it is.  I think the door to the office will remain closed all day.  I'll try to keep the rest of my grumpiness to myself.