Monday, November 8, 2010

Kicking myself ever since

Saturday night was a benefit concert for the Mississippi Team. It was amazing! We raised just a little under $1100 for the upcoming trip. So nice, especially considering people like me who have yet to raise all the money needed for the trip. After getting home at about 10:30 and talking with Yo Momma for awhile, I headed for bed. I checked emails and Facebook, watched a little TV and turned out the light...only to lie in bed awake with my mind racing about all 9 trips to Pearlington. At 1am I finally turned the computer back on and wrote this sentence "I need to tell you about Pearlington". A little after 1:30 I turned the computer back off...oh wait, that is a little after the second 1:30am. Daylight Savings Time really did end at 2am on Sunday morning. The clock on my computer hit 1:59am and then went back to 1am. Strangeness. Thank goodness for that extra hour!

Sunday afternoon, I was sitting with Yo Momma, sharing about the night before recalling silly little things about that first trip back in April of 2006. One thing that stood out for me as I was writing was the woman at the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance call center who got really grumpy when I asked if we could add one more person to our group of 20. She reluctantly relented and then in a snippy tone said "but no more!'. Yes ma'am. It didn't occur to me until I was writing all that down that once we actually got to the camp it was only half full and stayed that way all week. Why was one more person a problem?!

As I was relating the story, Yo Momma looked at me and said "That's it! That's the job for you! You need to be that person who sends groups out, organizes their trips, helps them find a place to serve!"

What Yo Momma didn't know and what she soon came to find out was that job came up on the Presbyterian Job site awhile back, maybe a year and a half ago, and I was really close to applying for it but one thing held me back...the job is in Louisville, Kentucky. At that time, I wasn't willing to relocate but looking back I've been kicking myself ever since.

Every now and then I check the job site, just to see if a job like that comes up...because honestly, I could really dig a job like that.

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