Thursday, June 21, 2012

Power Suit Guy

New job is in a fancy office building in the Big City.  This particular floor is called a "business center".  Each individual office is rented out by different businesses.  Down the hall from my corner is a computer software start-up company.  Around the corner is Foster Care/Group Home Administration office.  Down that corridor is a CPA and down another hall is an acupuncturist.  I don't know all of the people who have offices on the floor but over the past few months I've gotten to know a few different people and definitely recognize faces.

There is one guy who has been pretty standoff-ish since we moved into the building.  He is always in a power suit, always walking as if late for a very important date and always, ALWAYS has his phone in hand.  Power Suit Guy roams the halls talking on that phone.  I've decided he doesn't trust the other two people in his office and so he takes his very secretive, very important phone in the halls of the office building.  Clearly, no one can overhear your conversation if you are roaming the halls, right?  That may be true if Power Suit Guy didn't persist in standing right outside the door to the women's restroom.

Yep, you read that right.  I thought it was just a one time thing.  I headed to the restroom and there he was, standing right outside the door on a very important business call.  I kind of shook my head and proceeded to enter.  He was still there when I exited.  A day or so later, I rounded the corner and there he was again.  Not right outside the door this time, but definitely next to the women's restroom door.  I think this time we made eye contact, but I am not a human being worthy of his attention and he looked right through me.  One of those guys.

In the last few months I've come to the conclusion that he has decided that the women's restroom hallway is the furthest distance from his office he can get, is away from office doors so his conversation really is private (dream, dream, dream) and so he parks himself, propped up against a wall, outside the women's restroom door.  Propping himself up outside the men's restroom door would be too close to his office, so that clearly would be a bad idea.  The women's restroom door is farther away and thus safer...except it kind of is a little creepy and I find it really ridiculous.  One day soon I'm going to round that corner, look at him and burst out laughing hysterically.  I already don't count in his world, so what does it matter if he thinks I'm crazy, right? 

Yesterday after encountering him two times outside the women's restroom, I had to post something on Facebook.  One friend suggested I post a note on the door.  I came up with "Cell phone free zone, 10 feet in either direction of this door...that means you Power Suit Guy".  J-girl came up with another "Talk on your phone by the women's restroom, I write about you on my blog". 

Done.  :)

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