Thursday, May 14, 2015

Getting back in the game

My blog feed reader, Feedly, was filled today with blog posts by individuals that are titled "How To...".  I looked at those titles this morning and closed Feedly without reading a single one.  I may be in one of those moods but I just don't want to read a "how to" post on being a better Christ follower or person, the formulaic sound of those titles just turned me off.  As I've mulled over it I realized that blogging, in the years since I started (8 years ago this coming Sunday!), has changed.

I rarely read blog posts about a regular persons life anymore.  I read sermons, or "how to's" or blog articles bemoaning about the changing culture of Christianity.  I read blog articles telling me how to live a better life or the 15 steps I need to take to be a better person but rarely, anymore, do I giggle over stories about someone's day or sit and cry in a crowded airport as someone I have never met shares their heartache over lost relationships in a heart wrenching blog post. What I want to read is about the messy, mundane, at-times spectacularly unsuccessful regular persons life.

I miss those posts.  I miss the humanity in those posts.  I miss the connections. I miss blogging, myself.  So, here and now, I vow to return to regular blogging (minimum once a week).  I'll be one messy, mundane, at-times spectacularly unsuccessful regular person who shares her messy, mundane, at-times spectacularly unsuccessful life with those who care to read about blog post at a time.


Wendy said...

Those are the posts I like, too. I look forward to reading about the messy, real life.

Martha Spong said...

That mode of blogging really capsized with the advent of Facebook for sharing little things and the increasing notion of "blog as platform" rather than online journal. For me, that kind of personal writing became risky exactly because of the messiness of my real life. Honestly, I miss it, too.

scbeachgirl said...

I miss that too, which is why I am here reading you blog again! Maybe I will even get inspired to write.