Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A year and a day...

The last family photo we took together was found on my Dad's computer just days after he died.  He had this way of taking photo's and then editing them and never doing anything with them or at least we family members never saw them again.  As soon as I saw it, I remembered taking the photo in the house in Tahoe, Thanksgiving night 2013.

We took several photos, with Dad setting up the camera and trying to figure out the timer and then rushing to sit on the arm of the couch.  Little did we know, as we sat there giving him a bad time, that would be the last official "O" family photo we would have.

The man sitting on arm of the couch on the left, in this photo, just shouldn't have died so soon. There is a part of me that wishes he would just get up off the arm of the couch, walk in the room and say "Gotcha!" and erase all the pain and sorrow of the last year.

 What I wouldn't give for just one more family photo.

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Meg said...

I. Love. You.