Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lessons from life

It's midnight. I need to be sleeping. Things have happened in the last 72 hours that have been fantastic and things have happened that have been stressful. I'm consistently amazed at how God starts working things together, putting things in place so that the next event doesn't completely backfire or so that, in the end, I have to stop and say "Thanks".

Tonight I'm saying Thanks. Thanks for the opportunity to grow, the opportunity to be humble, the opportunity to be transparent and for the opportunity to be supported by others in small and big ways. My heart just about melted tonight when a youth group member came up and hugged me, not once but twice. He doesn't even know how much that meant and probably never really will but I will remember it forever.

My ego took a little bit of a beating tonight but it turns out I didn't need that ego anyway. It just gets in the way of God and God's amazing way of working.


trinity said...

love ya!

Anonymous said...

You ARE Loved, more than you know.
As you journey through this life, may your faith Grow by leaps and bounds. Thanks for your thoughts on on this blog.
My prayers are with you, and all those in service with you.
Blessings GG

Anonymous said...

Still praying...

Presbyterian Gal said...

You are so wonderful with yourself!! What a blessing you are to your work.

I just asked Songbird to give you a huge hug for me and my mom if you see them!! That will be so cool.