Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Randomness--all about me edition

~Yesterday was "Hibernating" Day. I had the house all to myself. Read a whole book (fluff book, not that hard for me to do), did some laundry, fed the birds, watched a whole lotta TV and played on the computer. Didn't get out of my pj's all day...even when I drove my car down the driveway at 6pm to get the newspaper and the mail because I didn't want someone driving by to see the paper, check the mailbox and assume no one was home and that they could come help themselves to the house...and yes, that is EXACTLY why I drove my car to the bottom of the driveway in my PJ's. I love Hibernating Day.

~I made Sweet Potato pancakes yesterday too. I officially concede my inability to make pancakes. I either burn them or don't cook them enough. Sigh.

~Driving to Star$ this morning before church, I realized that if someone was behind me they might think I was drunk as I weaved left to avoid pothole #1, right for pothole #2, left again for pothole #3, right to get back into my lane, left to avoid potholes #4-10 and then right to be back, finally, in my lane.

~The youth group Snow Trip is next weekend. We're gonna be talking about the covenants God has made with people in the Bible and with us. I started thinking about the difference between a resolution and a covenant a couple of weeks ago as a lesson for the High School youth and God started talking even deeper. I am always amazed at the process of crafting a lesson or lessons. I ponder a lot...and procrastinate a lot too.

~It is a beautiful January nice that I could put top down on the race car as I headed home from church. Which then made me think it was time to clean it out, which lead me to realize that the back window is beginning to really wear out, which isn't good in a convertible. I think I know where my tax refund will be going. Sigh.

~I LOVE RIB SUNDAY! Uncle B makes the best BBQ sauce ever. It would be even better if I had a whole bottle in my fridge so that when meatloaf makes it's appearance at my house there would be yummy BBQ sauce instead of plain ole ketchup to put on said meatloaf. Yes, I am a little spoiled.

~I also love that Cousin T reported at the dinner table "Uncle L (also known here as Papa Bear) talked to my math teacher and told her 'Tell me if T doesn't do her homework.'" Ha! Small town living has it's benefits. I'm pretty sure that Cousin T was appropriately dismayed and yet glad that her family loves her enough to talk with her teacher...though she might not get that for a few years.

~Today's Chocolate Chip Oatmeal and Oatmeal Raisin Cookies redeemed by pancake failure of yesterday...I can bake.

~And to end the randomness...I love NCIS marathon's. Just sayin.

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