Wednesday, July 25, 2012

All in a day...

Today started off at 3am with a "snap-thunk" as a rat got caught in the peanut butter laced trap that had been waiting for it under the deck.  Of course, there was only one trap and two rats (I heard the partner moving about after the thunk) but we are one rat down!

I was awake for the next hour.  Wide awake.

After getting back to sleep I wok up with a start, sure I had overslept.  Nope, right on time, though pulling myself out of bed was especially difficult after my hour of awake time from 3-4.  But pull myself out of bed I did, if 10 minutes later.  I would forgo the coffee run today.

I pulled into the bus park n' ride at 7:40, gathered my belongings and started walking to the bus stop and as the bus pulled up.  Early today.  That should have been my first clue.

The bus was full, so I took the first available seat, the side bench behind the driver at the front of the bus, knowing I would need to move if someone in a wheelchair or in need of a front seat should get on the bus.  What I didn't anticipate was being glared at by the lady in the seat to my right the whole way to work.  I have no idea what I did to deserve the glare.  Truly, no idea.

I also did not anticipate the sudden stops and starts of the bus.  This was a new-to-me bus driver and he stopped suddenly and started quickly.  Sitting on a side facing bench seat was a challenge today.  I felt myself sliding and had to position my feet so I was braced enough not to slide right off into the aisle, all the while keeping my bags under control and away from glaring woman.  The new-to-me bus driver was also speedy.  He passed many a vehicle on the way over the hill.  We got my light rail stop ahead of the "A" train by minutes.  The last few days we've pulled up as the "A" train was heading away from the stop.  Sudden stops and starts aside, if I get where I want to be on time and the bus driver is personable, it's all good!  I would prefer to remain in my seat with my seat belt fastened until the bus comes to a full and complete stop and the driver turns off the fasten seat belt sign, but buses don't have seat belts.  With some drivers, that might be a good idea.

The light rail was pretty uneventful, except for the guy who was watching rap videos on his cell phone and sharing the music with the whole train.  I briefly imagined having enough money to carry around headphones with me, ready to hand out to people who don't have them in public places such as the light rail.  2nd day in a row I've had to listen to rap crap.  Not a fan.

Arriving at work there was a man pacing back and forth in the lobby.  The office center rents out conference rooms for lawyers to handle depositions.  This guy was supposed to have a deposition and no one had rented the conference room.  So he paced the lobby talking sternly on his cell phone to his secretary, hundreds of miles away until they worked things out and he was given a room...right across from my office.

Then, out in the lobby I heard a horrible fit of coughing.  Really awful, I tell you.  That whopping cough sound?  That was coming from the lobby.  I almost went to find masks for the receptionist and anyone else in the building.

The court reporter arrived for the deposition in the office across the hall.  She was loud and flirty and nosey.  Yikes.  Lawyer started flirting.  Nice.  Finally the client came for the deposition and they closed the door.  But wait!  Deposition #2 is in the conference room to my right!  The lawyer for one of the participants pulled her into the hall (again, right outside my office) and said in stern tones "yes or no answers, stop giving them too much information".  I closed my door a little farther.

Of course, during all of this I'm doing the little work I have for the day, trying to see if I can get the laptop that is throwing fits to stop throwing fits and fielding texts from Papa Bear saying "At Costco, getting gas.  Your mom went to return something at the warehouse.  The Prius key is in her pocket.  I'm supposed to pick her up in front of the warehouse."  Then, to my question he replied "of course she doesn't have her cell phone with her."

It's only 11:55am, people, there's a whole day left for more stories!

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Anonymous said...

Papa Bear found Yo, Momma and the Prius is gassed, oil changed and ready for your weekend adventures!
All is well