Monday, July 30, 2012

The Olympics

The Olympics have arrived.  My life is on hold for the next two weeks.  Thanks for stopping by.

Just kidding, kinda.  I do love the Olympics.  I refuse to root just for USA Olympians and usually find one person to root for in the field, no matter what country they are from.  I have an admitted hard time watching diving (jump away from the cement platform!), balance beam (too tiny, don't fall!) and pommel horse (swing higher!).  But I watch these events anyway.  Along with whatever they choose to highlight in the evening showcase.

Every Olympic season, though, I get annoyed with the announcers.  Really annoyed.  I feel like the announcers build the Olympians up so much and then when they don't perform up-to-speed I feel realllllllllyyyyyyy bad for them.  The announcers just like to mess with our emotions, that's what I think.  Last night I finally hit the mute button and watched the Olympics in silence.  It works in swimming, diving, volleyball and other sports.  The floor routine for women's gymnastics was a little different without the music but I was so much happier without the announcers.

This year, during the opening ceremony the announcers confirmed that they were annoying.  The parade of nations moved so fast they announcers couldn't keep up with the nations as they were shown on the screen.  Their recitation of the "fun-facts" aka crap-no-one-wants-to-hear-about-right-now slowed things down and they admitted it.  That was the moment the room of 6 of us were yelling at the announcers "then stop talking!" 

I wonder if we can invent a TV that allows you to mute the announcers voices but keep the back ground sounds? Hmmm...that would help with Ice Skating during the Winter Olympics, for sure!

Alright, time to head back to my Olympic viewing.  Never fear, I will be back with more!  We haven't even begun to talk about the itty-bitty outfits!!

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Sarah said...

I feel like my life is semi on hold as well. I LOVE the Olympics, and not so secretly still day dream about becoming an Olympian despite the massive problem, I am no where near athletic enough or in the top few athletes in any given sport. None the less, I dream about becoming an Olympian.

Enjoy watching and cheer loud!