Friday, February 15, 2013

Dear fellow Christ Followers,

Can we please place a moratorium on assuming that we know the depths of another person's faith?  Can we please stop making pronouncements on places such as blogs and "spacehook" and comments on newspaper articles or magazine articles that basically say that no matter what a person may SAY about their beliefs, we will not believe them because they don't operate the way we think the should operate.  Or they don't say the things we think they should say if they truly do profess faith and so we say things to discount their faith.

It's tiring, it's belittling and it says a whole heck of a lot more about our lack of faith in a really big God who can do amazingly big things to say that someone whose ideals look different than ours isn't a Christ follower.  Instead of talking with someone, getting to know them, spending time with them, investing in their life, many times we sit on the sidelines, judging from afar, never really interacting with another person and really getting to know where they are in the matter of belief and faith.

This tendency is magnified a million times over when the person we are sitting in judgment of is a celebrity or someone in the media spotlight.  So, until I sit down in a conversation with the President of the United States, the Queen of England or any other person in power or in the celebrity spotlight, I will take them at their word in regards to their beliefs in a higher power.  I refuse to be one of those Christ Followers who sits in judgment of another persons faith without really knowing that person...and yes, while you are judging others for this very reason, I will be judging you for judging them. 


Really not perfect, unjustly judgmental (at times) and willing to admit it Brittany

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Gabe said...

I don't know if it was me or just church culture in the 80's, but I remember a lot of this growing up. And that was before message boards and comment sections. It was certainly about celebrities and politicians, but also, very often about music ("how could that band be true Christians? Look at their hair and spandex!").

So I try to guard against it now, but encounter 2 major problems. 1, it's just what you mention. I judge the judgers. Totally inexcusable, and yet I haven't figured out how to not do it. 2, I still judge other people's faith and sincerity. And I'm still talking about those whom I do not, and probably will never, personally know. I'll talk about a lack of fruit (like I really know), or whatever, but I still haven't totally squelched such reactions.

Also, you are awesome, in small part because you point this out issue while still acknowledging your part.

Seriously. So stinkin' awesome.