Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ministry for the moment

For the last year and a half I have been wondering what my place is within the church. Changing churches has made the question even more pronounced. While I knew people at New church, they had no real idea about my gifts or talents. They welcomed me in, and I have enjoyed being a pew "sitter".

Friday afternoon I was thinking about the weekend and the thought ran through my head, "On Sunday I am sitting in the balcony at church."  Most Sunday's Yo Momma and I sit on the comfy but creaky chairs on the main floor.  Yo Momma is an extrovert and she likes the interaction with people. I am definitely an introvert and I like to hide. Yo Momma has been out of town, so the balcony was beckoning.

Then the phone rang.

A couple of weeks ago the phone rang at 3:30pm on Saturday. On the other end was the piano player for the first service...the guitar player and leader was sick, could I fill in?  It was either say yes or don't go to church (that Sunday was a combined service.)  I said yes.

Friday afternoon was at least 24 hours more notice than the time.  So much for sitting in  balcony.

After church (everything went well) I was talking with someone about the opportunities for ministry that we either ignore or follow God's leading.  I suddenly realized this is my ministry, for the moment.  I am the back-up worship leader.  Most Sunday's I will sit in the pews and participate from there.  Every once in a while, though, I will respond to the last minute call or even those a couple weeks with advance notice.

My ministry is to be a support to those in the spotlight all the time, to give them a week off every so often and to fill in at the last minute when life happens.

So in two weeks I will fill in for the first service and two weeks after that I will fill in at the church around the corner and after that, well I will just wait and see where I am asked to go next.

Just call me the worship leader substitute.

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