Thursday, November 7, 2013

So far today

Woke up at 2am, after going to sleep at 11pm.

Took antacids for the heartburn/acid reflux/stressed about work giving myself sleep issues thing.

Read until 3:45am.

Back to sleep.

Awake at 5:30am.

Out of bed 5:52am.

Showered, dressed, hair styled (it's been a good hair week, PRAISE JESUS!) and out the door 6:30am.

Bank to deposit and withdraw funds 6:40am.

Gas station as the line was on "E" and the low fuel light came on (a regular occurrence) 6:50am.

Star$ for a Salted Caramel White Mocha (my new go-to drink) 6:55am.

Bus station 7:00am.

Bus 7:04am.

Walgreens for aspirin/ibuprofen to fend off the headache that arrived in force on the bus.  8 something am. (didn't look at a clock).

Light rail 8:15ish.

Off light rail walk to office building 8:30am.

In office 8:35am.

Water and ibuprofen 8:40am.

Estimated departure time from work today 3:45pm.

Estimated time when I can return to bed 5:00pm.

Counting the minutes.

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