Sunday, February 9, 2014

Let's talk about the weather

The Friday Five over at RevGals was about Spring.  I read the entry and navigated away.  It's hard to think about Spring when Winter hasn't happened yet.  I correct that, it's hard to think about Spring when Winter has just begun.

I know that many have had snow and rain and snow and rain and are done!  I can understand that, I just can't join them. See, in my part of the country rainfall has been VERY low the last year.  The month of January, usually a pretty big rainy weather month for us, there was nothing. 

The word "drought" is now heard in most conversations.  We've started to take a closer look at our water usage (aka the "take shorter showers" conversation has begun). The media is focused on the low reservoirs and where the water might come from if it doesn't rain.  January was dry and unseasonably warm...there were far too many convertible days in January.  I was pretty sure it was never going to rain again and was about ready to take on ANYONE who believes climate change is a myth. 

Then the weekend came.  Friday, it started to rain and it's been raining pretty steadily since.  Where usually there are a ton of people moaning and groaning about the rain on social media sites, there have been simple posts such as this:  "It's raining!"  We are glad.  Though, today, there was one whiner...when we have to ration water this summer, and she starts whining about that, we will no longer be "friends".

It's February and it's finally starting to feel like winter.  No, I am nowhere near ready for Spring and I'm not playing the Friday Five this week...catch up with me in a couple of months, I may be ready then.

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