Monday, August 10, 2015

Happiness is..

  • Driving teenagers on adventures.
  • Baking with friends and learning a new recipe...Thanks Margaret!
  • An I-Pod filled with songs that bring happy memories.
  • Cool evenings that take away the heat of the day.
  • Quinoa salad...thanks K for the inspiration!
  • Reading M's blog.
  • Texts that remind me I'm not the only awkward one in the world.
  • Hanging out with Yo Momma.
  • Thursday nights commute home.
  • Netflix on my Kindle.
  • 3 CHP officers on the big hill during today's commute.  A good reminder to drive slower and hopefully a sign of better presence in the weeks to come!
  • A new wall hanging and a new arrangement of items on another wall.
  • Hair dye...I'm just not ready for the world to see all the gray hair on my head.
  • Skirts.  I'm loving wearing skirts this summer...though the wind could be a little lighter when I'm outside.  There have been some close calls with the whipping wind.
  • Books.
  • Shakespeare on the lake!
  • The anticipation of seeing plays in Ashland.
  • An upcoming trip that will include seeing friends in San Diego and...
  • A couple of days in Disneyland and a stay at the Paradise Pier Hotel. I'm so excited!
  • A new desk at work.
  • Miss Nancy.
  • A new season of The Walking Dead...two weeks until it begins.  Do not ask me how I became addicted to this show.  It's very unlike me.
  • Photos of Papa Bear.
  • God who loves me...despite me.

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Me said...

I made K's quinoa salad Monday! :) Yummy in my tummy!