Wednesday, May 23, 2007

it's coming...

I can tell that the end of the school year is near and summer is almost upon us. This week people have been crankier and a little more sensitive than usual. The kids don't take their time getting off the bus, they RUN! Parents are a little more on edge. The weather is getting warmer...well sometimes. Don't even try to tell me that Global Warming is a myth. But the number one thing that tells me that summer is almost upon us is that everyone is driving bad.

One of the columnists for the local paper asked readers what they were dreading about the coming tourist season and I immediately thought "I'm dreading the locals driving techniques trying to avoid tourists and traffic!" I can handle tourists who don't know where they are going (I usually do a lot of talking to them, but I can handle them). I can deal with the traffic. What I get irritated with are the local drivers who decide that they don't have to obey the traffic laws. That's how I know summer is coming. All the locals start to drive crazy.

Yep, summer is coming. Better make sure my car insurance is up to date.

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