Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Adventures of Aflack Duck

Guest Blogger: Aflack Duck

It all started suddenly Monday Morning. I was sitting in my nice spot on Kelly's desk when all of sudden the door flew open and five people converged upon the office. They had mischief in their eyes. One grabbed a piece of paper and wrote a cryptic note: "We have your duck. You will only get it back if you are good this week." And then they all signed it in code...FPC Road Trippers. I was scooped off the desk and into a waiting mini-van. All the while crying "Aflack, Aflack, AFLACK!!!"
The road wasn't such a bad place to be, though I had no idea of where I was going. Most of the drive was pretty harmless except for the few times I found myself flying through the air unexpectedly. Scrat is a little dangerous and Pooh doesn't catch very well.
They took me to the Zoo. I was a little afraid they were going to leave me there. They made me pose in all kinds of places...I didn't appreciate the crocodile picture very much. It was a hot afternoon and not super comfortable stuck inside the pocket of a backpack. I survived though and it was back to the car and off on a drive.

They didn't tell me that I was going camping. I would have brought a sleeping bag. But they fixed up my sleeping place pretty nicely, for ducknappers.

Tuesday they got me up early and we headed to Starbucks. I had to stay in the car. We drove up a windy road to a town called Coloma where Gold was first discovered. I had a great time panning for gold, though no one let me keep what I found.

After driving and snoozing a little we wound up in Tahoe. We had dinner on the beach and then settled down for the night at our next camp site. These ducknappers didn't warn me about the bear! I was woken up abruptly several times with car alarms going off, air horns, whistles and people yelling for the bears to go away. The woods are scary at night!

I'm don't know what's going to happen next but I am happy to say I've made a friend...he's not a real bear! He assured me that I would be safe. I've noticed that these ducknappers don't make him pose for as many pictures.

My time is up. I've been told that I can write again. Don't worry Kelly, I'm okay...just a little dirty.
Edited to add: I've been corrected. Pooh never dropped was that other girl in the van. They didn't tell me all of their names! They were ducknappers, ya know?!

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Anonymous said...

i think you got things mixed up!! pooh never dropped the aflack duck. plus the aflack duck was never even thrown at pooh!!