Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A first for me!

I started in Youth Ministry 8 years ago and have tried to create many different environments for the youth. We've had game nights, we've created a tropical theme in the youth room, we have icicle lights all around the room as our main source of light. I've had nights where the we sit in a more contemplative environment, sharing by candlelight. But tonight was the first time that the environment in the youth room was set by outside forces. Tonight, on our first night back to youth group after summer, we had youth group by candlelight...because the power went out at 4pm.

It amazes me that in all these years, this is the first time that we've actually had the power go out in youth group. Even more amazing is the fact that it's September! This rural valley is used to power outages in winter and early spring, but September?? Pretty uncommon! I've had candles around the youth room just in case for years. Finally we got some use out of them! If I had been thinking I would have gone upstairs and grabbed the propane lanterns too, but I didn't think about them until I got home. Oh well. It was a memorable night and it certainly didn't dampen the enthusiasm of the youth. Hide and seek in the dark is their favorite game!

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