Saturday, December 29, 2007

Mr. Peanut

It's hard to believe that three days have passed since we arrived in Mississippi. Our day off is tomorrow and though we will enjoy it, the day seems to have arrived so very quickly. I've been so impressed with this group. Everyone is getting along well, willing to work hard and having fun! It doesn't hurt that Mr. Tom and Mr. Ben have been around making us laugh at their comedy routine. We will miss Tom who is headed home to Colorado in the morning. His last words to me were "Come back again!"...why do I think that this isn't the last time I'm going to hear this??!

The crew at Mr. P's house rocked again today! The all woman crew was joined by Norm's crew and they began the process of preparing the subfloor for new flooring. By the end of the day this team was running like a well oiled machine. The site was humming. Joey joined Sue's ditch digging efforts and was very successful in getting the water to drain away from the driveway. Sue, Joey and others worked hard at getting the trash picked up from around the house as well. It's nice to see things moving along.
Bill's crew at the W's had a blast, from what I'm told. Texture, primer, electrical work and painting took place at this site today. Maaike especially liked the day, learning to put texture on the walls.

The group at Ms. L's house learned this morning that Ms. L was in the hospital. She's having heart problems and was having breathing issues last night. Please pray for her! The team kept working and finished the projects at her house today. Justine took on a special task and helped to spruce up the house for Ms. L's return.
Mark & Pedro got a new assignment today and started to put in new shelves at Mr. M's house. That was after our expedition to Lowe' 2nd of the day!

And then there is the crew at Ms. S's house. Today Ms. S's grandkids were over and they quickly dubbed Pete "Mr. Peanut". As you can see they all had a great time! The house is beginning to look like a house again, which is so wonderful to see. Molly and Joe were triumphant over a stubborn tree stump and weren't afraid to tell us...or take a picture.

As we head into a day off, there are a couple of things you can be praying for.
1--We've had a couple of people get sick over the last couple of days. With such a big team, it hasn't had a detrimental effect on the work being done, but it is a bit of a low point for the team and the individuals. Please pray for our health!

2--One of the biggest things happening has little to do with the homes but with the emotional health of the homeowners. We're seeing huge changes in some people and their outlooks on life. We would especially appreciate your continued prayer for Ms. S and Ms. L.

Before I go I need to make good on a promise to the Train Guy that I would post of Picture of Grandma Gail (Yo Momma), myself, Sandy and his Dad so here it is! We miss you Train Guy, Little Boy and K!


Harry said...

Greetings to Maaike from her Mom, Dad and sister Anna. We respect the work of all of you very much and wish you all the best.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the updates. The dedication of all of your team is a gift from God. How could the return request not be offered.
Praying for the health issues,that all will be blessed with speedy recovery.
In His Love

ed said...


Wonderful Pictures. It is great to hear about all of the work the team is getting done and all the fun you are having while doing it all. Hope your day off is relaxing and restful. We prayed for the health of the team, Ms. S, and Ms. L today in worship.


Lynda said...

Yay, LOVE all the pics -- Especially the one of the cute boy sweeping :-) Sounds like it is a successful trip so far. You all are working so hard!
You are all constantly in my thoughts and prayers,

b said...

brittany and everyone else

its awesome to see updates as to what it going on down there. its sounding like lots is being done, i pray for the ill to get better as quickly as possible. you guys are a godsend to the devastated area
i hope that you guys had a great day off and that tomorrow you guys enjoy new years eve after what sounds like will be a day filled with lots of hard work
i pray that the rest of the trip is just as wonderful as the part that has already passed