Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Song Friend strikes again

There is no way to fully explain this other than to post it. If I could record it from my answering machine I would let y'all hear it for yourself...instead you will just have to make due with the words. My Song Friend presents Oh I Like Pie as sung to the tune of Oh Holy Night.

Oh I like pie
I like every kind of pie
I like fruit,
Meringue and cream
It is so good
so tasty delicious
I could eat pie every day
The flaky crust
the delicious filling
I could eat pie
morning noon and night
Oh I like pie
I like every kind of pie
Oh I like pie
oh I, I like pie
Oh I (here it comes) like PIE!
Oh I, I like pie
Thanks for the laugh, Song Friend!


Song Friend said...

I am so awesome at hitting those high notes. Glad you enjoyed it, my friend.

Brittany said...

Oh it was the highlight of my day. There was a certain 80's rock flavor happening with that one high note.