Thursday, December 27, 2007

On the ground in Pearlington Day 1--Trip 4

Oh the adventures of rental cars! Seriously this is getting ridiculous. Not only did we have to wait for vehicles because they only had one mini-van, they were trying to give us 3 vehicles when we had reserved 5. I stood my ground though, and we have 5 vans, 4 of them brand new.

It was a longer travel day yesterday but we made it safe and sound. Today was our first foray into the work ahead of us. It was so great to see Ben again and Tom, who flew in from Colorado, that was a great surprise. Both of these gentlemen have been organizing projects for us and are just fun guys to be around. They have a great respect for us and a great respect for the people of Pearlington. We are blessed by them!

We didn't get as much accomplished today as hoped. In fact it was a pretty slow day. Not that the work isn't there, it's just getting it all organized. But we found today that we've made connections. We saw a group from West Virginia that we had camped with last December, we worked for homeowners that we've worked for on trips 1 & 2. We are seeing familiar faces...and Pastor Ed's spy ate lunch with us. (His name is Derek, they worked together at Westminister Woods and now lives in Florida. He's here with a group from New York. I'm convinced he's a spy!!)

Our emotions have been in turmoil. Some highs, some lows. We have seen people who are still stuck in the same situation that they were in last year, which brings us down. We have seen homes that we've worked on completed and being lived in. We have had work and not had work. We're only on day 1 and already the anxiety of leaving is beginning to race through our heads. We are on an amazing journey. We need your prayers and your comments!

The following video and song is amazing. It says exactly why we are here. Enjoy and keep praying!


Anonymous said...

Hello to Rita from Connie! Just checking in to say hi. Trust your leg is doing fine and you're having a great time.

Randi said...

I so admire what all of you are doing. Keep up the good work and think positive. Please give my best to Lynn, Bill and Douglas...I did not get to talk to them right before they left. Happy New Year to all! Randi

Anonymous said...

Your message and the video. It brought tears. I love the flags makes me think I should have mine up.
God's blessings to all, you are filled with His love, and will bring joy, and happiness to those you touch.
Hugs GG

ed said...

Great video. Glad the team made it safe to Pearlington and that there is work for you to do. Sad to hear about the rental car problems, but this just seems like part of the trip now.

I am hearing good reports from my spy, Derek. He says lunch with your team is a lot of fun.

Things are kind of slow around here. A little rain, a little snow, a little sun shine.

You are in our prayers. Let me know if there is anything specific to pray for on Sunday morning.

In Christ,


Anonymous said...

For Rita, Sue , and the Team Members,
God asks us to be the sower of men (all persons), and help them to know His kingdom. This is the real gift you bring.Along with hope and mercy. Bless you all in this adventure.You are all in my prayers and the prayers at CBNC.
In His Glory, Garry

Frosty said...

Hi, My name is Wendy and I am the creator of the Pearlingtons Prayer video. It is filled with pictures I took on my first visit to Pearlington. You can see other videos and read survivor stories on my website -


Brittany said...


Thanks for the Pearlington Video. It has touched many and I'm so glad to feature it here! Pearlington is a special place. Thanks for sharing.