Sunday, January 25, 2009

Quick update

It's 12:05am according to my computer time and I am wide awake in a house of very wide awake youth as well. Today was not what I had expected but was good! Due to circumstances that are what they are, I'm staying at the guy's house this weekend. Brings me full circle to 10 years ago and the first snow trip that I led when Yo Momma and I were the ones staying at the boy's house cuz we had a lot of female chaperone's and one lone male chaperone for a lot of boys. Memories...

Anyway, the snow isn't fabulous but it has been snowing on the mountain all day. It's snowing here the basin tonight so it may be a fun morning!

One small injury so far and a few breakthroughs are beginning, so please continue to pray! The blessing is that Opinionated Friend and I are great co-leaders and we have some awesome cohorts in ministry that are taking a lot of the responsibilities off our shoulders. It's lovely!

Thanks for praying. 2 days to go!


Sarah said...

what party animals you all are! Staying up past 12am. Lol. I'm glad to here you guys are still having a fun time! And that there is some snow... I guess it is supposed to snow here in Bath. He had some hail today. Fun fun. Well, keep on having loads of fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Yo Momma wants to know why all those kids aren't asleep so that the Youth Leaders have plenty of rest. Hope you had some snow today, but not too much.

Drive safe,
Yo Momma