Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday's ramblings

It's too warm outside. I walked out of the garage toward the front of the house and this warm gust of wind made me think that it's summer time. Seriously. Which bums me out 'cuz I just got one of my Christmas presents in the mail, fabulous sweatshirt that says "Washington D.C." on it and I really want to wear it but it's too stinkin' warm.

I wore it tonight anyway but sweat my way through R.A.W. I haven't really worn a pullover hooded sweatshirt in a few years...switched to zip ups and all my other sweatshirts don't have hoods. But putting this one on with jeans and tennis shoes reminds me of my college days and makes me feel good. It's strange how something as silly as a sweatshirt can take me back a couple of years...or a decade. Geesh.

Speaking of college, if Fuller accepts my late registration, I am back to being a grad student again. I've been trying to work my way through their Certificate of Youth Ministry. It's been slow going but there are only two courses I need to take, so I signed up for a Distance Learning Course. Which means I'm going to need to study again, take tests and listen to lectures. Can you feel the excitement rolling off of me? No? Neither can I. I like learning, I don't like tests and studying stresses me out. But I'm determined to get this Certificate done! The chunk that it's taking out of my savings account is hefty but that's what I get for attempting to feel qualified for the position I'm in.

The weekend has been pretty non-eventful. I've done a lot of laundry, shredded a bunch of mail (so many American Express applications I can't believe it!), thrown stuff away, cleaned off some spaces, put other stuff in spaces and spent a lot of time pondering the lack of entertainment on television. After pretty much going non-stop since Thanksgiving, it has been nice to have a down weekend...though I'm going to pay for it tomorrow 'cuz I told my housemate that I would make sure the ornaments were off the Christmas tree and I didn't do that. She comes home tomorrow...that's the first thing on my list for the morning!


Presbyterian Gal said...

Well phooey!! I saw Fuller and got excited that maybe you were gonna come down my way for a bit. But then I read the "distance courses."

If you do need to come down here for Fuller, you have a place to stay that's only 15 minutes away!! (and that rhymes too)

Brittany said...

Thanks! I will remember that for future classes! :)