Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A lighter moment in the day

The Children's Ministry Department is in full-force tonight. The kids are hosting a dinner for the parents, which will be followed by a parent meeting. They've been running up and down the stairs all afternoon, putting up tables and chairs in the social hall and decorating like crazy. It's a little frenetic around the church today.

A few minutes ago a couple girls came racing downstairs and into the youth room. One girl, referred to as Middle Bebe on her Mom's blog, is very familiar with the church and I heard her say as she walked down the hall "I know exactly where it is." The second girl is new to the church. My office is almost directly across from the youth room and this is what I heard as they walked in: "This is the Junior high room. Oh my goodness the junior high kids have so much fun stuff in their room! They have a pool table and a TV and a juice bar!" (A juice bar? Nope, that's the Karaoke Tiki Hut but thanks for the new idea!) They were looking for something specific and soon appeared at my office door...because Middle Bebe really didn't know exactly where things were. The conversation went something like this.

"We need wrapping paper but not birthday paper."

"Not birthday paper?"

"We aren't wrapping birthday presents it's not anyone's birthday though Sandy's birthday and Brianna & Britney's birthday was this month. The kid Britney not you. Wait, is your birthday this month?"

"No it's not."

"When is your birthday?"


"Oh, well, we don't need birthday paper we need other paper."

We found the other paper, two rolls in fact. Truth be told it's probably meant to be birthday paper but it will pass for just general wrapping paper. They took the paper and headed on their way and as they raced back down the hall the one who is newest to the church said to Middle Bebe "She's the singing leader for the church." Yep, that's me. Singing leader and wrapping paper finder. I love my job.

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Meg said...

Singing leader, wrapping paper finder, friend whom I can share my crazy-spastic kids with, really funny blogger-er, hold me back here B, I'm not sure I can stop... I'm really on a roll!!!

Ps... as I am sitting here reading, I'm laughing so hard I almost can't breathe and my family is confirming that I am, in fact, crazy.