Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Things I don't understand...

Last week it was 4:30, this week 5:20, weeks before that have been around the same time...Middle School boys show up for youth group that starts at 6:30pm. While I'm glad that they want to come here, there are questions in my mind...where are the parents? Have any of these guys gone home after school? Do they have dinner? Have they done their homework? Why are they allowed to just roam around for hours unsupervised? Does anyone besides me see the huge problems that can arise here?

Feeling very old fashioned tonight. Off to cook Mac 'n' Cheese so at least they have something to eat.


Presbyterian Gal said...

I'll bet that both parents have to work one, maybe two jobs to keep a roof over the head those boys sleep under and have no other choice.

How lovely of you to make Mac 'n' Cheese for them. Mmmmmmm. Mac 'n' Cheese. Did you make it with Velveeta? That's our favorite.

Brittany said...

Yeah, that whole working thing is part of it but the other scarier part is something that will be coming soon to a blog post near this site!

Unfortunately I did not inherit the love of cooking gene from my mom...just plain ole Kraft Mac 'n' Cheese...5 boxes last night all devoured.