Monday, February 16, 2009


It's been raining all weekend. Which has been a nice change from the 70 degree weather and dry land. I like the rain. I don't like having to get in an out of my car in the rain, though, that's not so much fun. Adventure Boy and I went out to Brunch yesterday (just the two of us!) and he's in that very independent stage, so while I stood out in the rain he took his time getting into the car and into his seat. I, of course, wound up very wet while he was just as happy as could be. As we drove to brunch he talked and talked and talked. He was a happy Adventure Boy. After brunch he wanted to know where Yo Momma had gone after church. So we drove to the Health Club where Yo Momma and Papa Bear were...only Adventure Boy was all adventured out. Mere seconds before arriving at the Health Club he fell fast asleep.

So I drove. I drove down the road, around the corner and down to the ocean. Another fun effect of this rain storm is the beautiful big waves. While Adventure Boy napped, I sat and watched the waves come in and go out, come in and go out while the rain came down, down, down. It was lovely.

The sound of the rain hitting the roof above the sanctuary at church is one the most beautiful sounds to my ears. I almost wished that the power had gone out yesterday during worship so that we couldn't use the sound system or electric instruments and just sing to the sound of the rain on the roof. Or sit quietly in prayer listening as refreshing rain poured out from God's hand.

The rain clears out a lot of the stuff in the air, the stuff that makes my eyes itch and my nose twitch. The rain makes me think more carefully about where I am going, how fast I am driving and where all the potholes are on the road. The rain washes things away and washes new things in. The rain causes the frogs to rib-rib-ribbet with enthusiasm outside my window and the daffodils to droop a little under the weight of the drops but then makes other flowers blossom beautifully in the spring.

The rain has been around all weekend long...and I like it.

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