Monday, May 25, 2009

When did I move to the zoo?

Friday evening I arrived home after a couple of glorious days away. So good to just be. Be quiet. Be serious. Be silly. Be contemplative. Be aware. Be sad. Be happy. Be shopping. Be listening. Be watchful. Be me. Just be.

Arriving home I pulled into the garage, opened the trunk and began to pull out the many items I collected when I heard a bird crying. Nothing unusual around this house, but this bird cry was different. I'd heard it before but not at home. Huh.

Took my stuff inside and went upstairs to visit. That's when I heard the bird again and Yo Momma says "It's a peacock". THAT'S IT! I knew I'd heard that sound the zoo! Turns out there's a white peacock roaming around the neighborhood. Guess it spent the day in our neighborhood and then moved across the gully to another neighborhood. I never caught a glimpse of it, but I've heard it several times in the last couple of days. Yo Momma did some research and turns out the tail feathers can be sold for up to $500. Yikes! Me thinks someone in the area is without a very valuable pet.Edited to add:
No joke. I pushed publish and the peacock started talking again from the neighbors tree. Crazy.

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