Saturday, September 26, 2009

Brush with fame???

The LA Convention Center is right next door to the Staples Center, across the street from Nokia Live!, and down a block from the new Grammy Museum. When we arrived on Friday afternoon, Jon-boy and I overheard someone saying "Downtown LA rolls up the sidewalks at night...nothing is happening." Um....that's not my experience!

Last night was a concert that had a whole bunch of excited but buzzed people around Nokia Live! Lot's of people. Tonight there is even more going on. But let me back up a bit...

Today at NYWC the morning speaker hit a home run. He spoke about change. Not a new topic by any means, it was the way he spoke about change that brought things that I've been thinking about in a full circle. My mind has been buzzing all day long...and it's been a good day for it to be buzzing. There weren't any seminars, now called Labs, to attend today. They had something they called "Open Space" going on. Basically people created their own topics and had a set time for others to come sit and discuss the topic. Great idea, but with my mind whirring from the morning seminar, and the chaos of trying to figure out what discussion started when, I opted to head back to my hotel room and take advantage of the spaciousness there to sit with God. I'm not prepared to talk about all that yet, but stayed tuned! On my way back to the hotel it became apparent that there was something going on at the Staples Center tonight. I made a mental note to check their website and see what was up.

Anyway, about 5:45 it was time to find Jon-boy and get dinner before the evening Session. I left my room to head back to the Convention with a stop at the hotel gift shop for some bottled water. Seriously, I don't know what hotels do to their water but there is a taste to it...water shouldn't taste! Rabbit trail, sorry. I bought the expensive water and headed for the escalator. Three men in suits got there ahead of me. I looked at one of the guys and thought "his nose has been broken". As we all headed out the front doors, a couple of women were coming in. One of the ladies looked at broken nose guy and immediately let out a string of Spanish, she clearly recognized him. It was then that the light bulb donned. The event happening at the Staples Center...a boxing match...broken nose guy is a boxer! Don't know who he is (boxing is so not my thing) but I have to admit, I felt a little more comfortable walking down to the Convention Center with a boxer in my midst. Hopefully if someone had tried anything broken nose boxer guy would have come to my rescue!

Tonight's speaker was Donald Miller, who's newest book just released. His talk was about the process of writing a book/screenplay and he tied it in nicely with how we live our lives, which is what I believe the book is about as well...I bought it but haven't read it, yet. Again, I connected with what he was saying so much. God is talking, what God is saying is still a little unclear, but God is definitely talking.

Jon-boy and I decided to skip out on late night options tonight...gonna save that for Skit Guys tomorrow. As we left, we noticed a crowd at the Nokia Live! area. It's been busy over there all weekend but I didn't go investigate what was happening. I heard someone say "they can't buy tickets for another couple hours" and my investigative hat went on. The TV just told me what I needed to know...people have been waiting in line for days to get first dibs on tickets to (drum roll please) the Michael Jackson movie. No joke. People have been sleeping out there for days to get tickets to the movie that supposedly is only going to run for a couple of weeks.

And that fight? Yeah, the Governator was there along with Rocky (Slyvester Stallone for those none movie buffs), Madonna's ex-husband, Mike Tyson and a whole slew of celebrities. My brush with fame...they were all in the building right next to where I was! Oh well, there's always tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Mr Boxer must not be too important, nothing in the paper about the fight. I think where you are is more important then all those celebs.

Yo Momma

Anonymous said...

Okay, Mr Boxer wasn't in the paper, but he did show up briefly on the internet.

Yo, Momma