Friday, September 25, 2009

LA bound

This weekend the National Youth Workers Convention takes over the LA Convention Center. My cohort in ministry, Jon-boy, and I are heading there for the weekend. The time that this post goes live is the time that we will be leaving. I'm excited because one of my favorite bands will be there, DC*B, and one of my favorite authors, Donald Miller, will be speaking. Both have new stuff out right now...excited about picking those up too! (Which reminds me, I don't need to pack all those books that I just packed!)

The bad thing about having to get up before the sun is that I need to get to sleep early...which is nearly impossible on a Thursday night when Project Runway is on (though I fell asleep a couple weeks just as the runway show began) and really hard when I've become addicted to Models of the Runway. I love the inside scoop/behind the scenes things, even if that's not reality. Totally dig it.

I'm looking forward to the weekend, looking forward to continuing my Youth Worker training, but most of all I'm looking forward to the opportunity to focus on my need for God, for my own spiritual rejuvenation and some time to just be.


trinity said...

Oh I am sad I am not going with you. I will be praying for you both...and I will be here missing it all!

Did you catch PRW? I know I want to go to sleep but I am hooked to both shows even though I think MOR is lame.

Miss you already!

Brittany said...

Totally wish you were here! It's just not the same keeping my cynical side to myself! :)

Watched all of PRW...didn't like who won, thought Christopher should have. MOR just satisfy's my lurker tendencies...really addicted to it.

We're close to the fashion district here...maybe we'll have to drive by MOOD! :)

trinity said...

ooh yes you should