Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Retraining the brain

With my job change in January, I realized that I would need to change my working hours a couple of days a week. Being that most of my job is done at night, I typically don't arrive at church until after 10am. Sometimes not til noon--especially if it's a Wednesday I will potentially be at church or hanging out with youth and young adults until 10pm. A church member walked past my door last night at 5:45pm and said "You work weird hours." She's right, that's the nature of the job. But now, I don't have to be at church on Tuesday evenings and Thursday evenings are freeing up a little too, so I can come in to work earlier.

I am not a morning person. Never have been, don't want to be. I'm not getting to work any earlier than 9 but good grief that's hard to do! Tuesday's have now become coffee mornings, so at least having the treat of a non-fat, with whip, white mocha makes getting up better. After 9 years of a schedule, it's hard to retrain my brain to function again before 10am. Not that I've ever done so well at that, but still.

It's curious though, as I start getting here earlier on specific days of the week, I've noticed that others are getting later and later. Take today, for instance. I arrived at 9:27am and there was no one upstairs in the main offices. After a while I started wondering if there was a holiday that I was missing. It wasn't until about 10:15 that the upstairs door started opening and closing. Never thought I would be the first one to the office!

As much as I enjoy having a night or two free a week, I still prefer the mornings when I don't have to rush around and hurry to work. I'll retrain my brain for this but I'll never really be a morning person.

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