Thursday, March 4, 2010

Technology--updated edition

I love technology...until it doesn't work. Yesterday I was trying to save an appointment in my cell phone when all of a sudden the phone cycled off...and then on...and then off...and then get the idea. I took the battery out, checked the contacts, put it back and tried again. Same thing.

Today I took it to the Cell Phone Store and the nice guy behind the counter listened to me, watched the phone cycle on and off, checked the warranty and handed me the phone number for the warranty center. 20 minutes later a new phone AND a new battery will be here within 2 days.

Which is fine...but for just a moment I panicked...what am I going to do without my phone for two whole days...three including today?! Three and half including yesterday! Nobody text me!!! The helpful person at the warranty center asked if I had saved all my contacts on the phone or the sim card...I don't know. And then she asked about pictures...agh!!! That wouldn't be an issue if the cute micro memory card I bought would actually STAY IN the phone! Oh well. Life goes on.

I love technology...when it works.

Update: Within 24 hours the new phone arrived. Helpful person at the warranty center clearly said "white phone with red" just like the one that I am sending back...I received a red phone with black. No big deal, I actually prefer that. What I would really like, though, is the back part of the phone that holds the battery in. Another call will be made. In the meantime, red replacement phone is sporting a white battery cover. Making my own fashion statement, one phone at a time.


Meg said...

When you are ready, I can text back some of the cute pics of P you sent me. =) Never fear.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Time to get some back up stone tablets.