Sunday, March 21, 2010

Walking music

Tuesday night I went for a walk. Down the driveway, down the big hill, down the medium hill, down the small hill, down a mid-sized hill and then up a smallish hill and up a driveway to a friends house. She and Yo Momma are quilting buddies and they are working on a project for one of the Mississippi homeowners. I was picking up the quilted quilt.

After visiting, with the quilted quilt stored safely in my back pack, I started the trek back home. Down the driveway, down the smallish hill. Up the mid-sized hill, up the small hill, up the medium hill, up the big hill, up the driveway. Oh my breathing was a little more difficult on the way home.

All the while, I was listening to my I-pod, with one earbud only so I could hear the cars coming up and down the roads. Three songs down, four songs up. Not bad. Once at home, I took some time to catch my breath and cool off before going in the house. That's when the song came on. The song that I love, love, love. I had recently loaded it back on my I-pod after months of missing it. It's one of those songs, that though I love, love, love it, is not one that some people would expect to find on my I-pod. It's not one that some church people would appreciate or approve of, but ya know what? I love, love, love it and don't really care if others don't like it. I do. Hmmm...I think it's time to pull that CD off the shelf and go for a drive in the car on some back country roads so I can sing along...LOUD!

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