Sunday, May 2, 2010

A beautiful day

It was a beautiful day here. Just beautiful. After church I knew that I had to read a book...not usually a hardship for me but this one was for my LAST CLASS!!!!! Which makes it kind of a text book, but not really, which is hard for my mind to completely wrap around...I just have a hard time reading text books without zoning out. But seeing as how my last class is this coming weekend and I have three books to read, three papers to write and one oral presentation to prepare for (not to mention working 40 hours this week and still having a life or at least sleeping some), I had to read today. HAD to.

So I decided to grab lunch and head to the beach. Did I tell you that it's a beautiful day? Yeah. I forgot. Beautiful day + beach=way too many people and cars around. There was no parking my car overlooking the ocean and enjoying a comfy seat with the sea air and sound of the waves surrounding me. No. I wound up at home on the front deck with the sun on my legs and the breeze wafting over me, stirring the new wind chimes into melody.

I got my book read AND I got to go to a movie with friends...(Back-up I'm pretty sure that one of the tones the new wind chime makes is the "ding" an elevator makes when it reaches it's destination floor.

It was a beautiful day.

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