Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Things I know...

I know...

--I should have taken more days of study leave.
--that the nicest place to hang out is usually found on the last day of my study leave.
--that snow and convertibles don't mix well.
--that sometimes study leave means getting away from regular life and doesn't mean that anything "productive" or should I say measurable by others standards is happening.
--that things measurable by my standards are happening.
--the smell of pine trees in the Sierra's should be bottled.
--a smile from a baby makes me melt.
--sometimes the most spiritual moments take place in the oddest places and ways.
--when all I can do is stare out a window, my brain and soul are overworked and really, really tired.
--that coffee shops with good coffee and free wireless are awesome.
--I should have taken more days of study leave.

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