Tuesday, June 1, 2010

BP Oil Catastrophe

This email wound up in my inbox at work:

"Just an update to all of our Pearlington fans. As of today there is no oil in the Pearlington area or along the Mississippi shores or wetlands. Hancock Co. and several of our affiliate non-profits have begun developing a volunteer plan and collecting names of groups and individuals who may want to volunteer to come down and help with the clean up should the spill reach MS shores. If anyone is interested in responding (should the need arise) let me know. A command post has been set up at the boat launch on Hwy 90 and the Pearl River. the Corp, Coast Guard and National Guard are monitoring the river and mouth to the Gulf at this time.
Best to all,
Tom D. M2M"

When I was in Mississippi in December we bought fresh caught from the Gulf shrimp for Christmas Eve Dinner from one of the local fishermen. It was such a great dinner, even after the cleaning the shrimp. What happens now? What happens to the beautiful coastline of the Gulf? What happens to the people who make a living or, even more profound, get their sole source of food from the waters of the Gulf? This is so much bigger than an oil company losing money.

Found this website today...the map is what caught my attention. Check it out for yourself.


Anonymous said...

The visualization map really puts the spill in better perspective. I'll go with you if the time comes. Feel like we are home away from home.

Yo, Momma

Songbird said...

I'm heartsick, as I know you must be.