Friday, June 18, 2010


If there is a noise curfew that lasts until 6:30am, why would planes be scheduled to fly out at 6:15am?

Is it really necessary to advertise the name of your church on the roof of your building, in letters that are so big they can only be read from people inside planes?

How does fog work? How does it decide to be foggy in one place but not another?

When did we stop having respect for other people when it comes to our language? Why is it necessary to drop the f-bomb in conversations over and over and over again? What happened to the well placed swear word that got the point across but didn't cross the line? (realize that I may have just crossed the line with some people who read this blog...sorry!)

How is the oil spill/disaster in the Gulf a natural disaster?

If companies want repeat business, why do they treat their customers so shabbily?

What would happen in the world if we were all required to genuinely smile at people to give ourselves more energy? Would we be a happier group of people?

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