Sunday, June 27, 2010

DC recap

There are many thoughts running through my head about my time in DC. Over the last few days, the emotional letdown of these last few months has hit hard. It's been an overwhelming roller coaster! I am so grateful for the experience and though the awards stuff is behind me, I've been left with the question rolling through my head "what are you going to do with this God? What's next?" If this is the end of the line, awesome ride...but my feeling is that it's not. I think there is more to come and I'm excited, EXCITED, to see what God does with this all. So, that said, here's some pics of the week!

1st TV interview of the evening. Outside the Mayflower Hotel in DC.Meg and I in the Mayflower Hotel lobby waiting for the first evening's dinner.Kathleen Kennedy Townsend giving a welcome speech at the Welcome DinnerGiving my one-minute speechMeeting Barbara Boxer
2nd TV interview in the hallway of a Senate Office Building
Meeting Dianne Feinstein
Waiting in the lobby for the buses to the Gala Dinner at the National Building MuseumPapa Bear, Yo Momma and I at the Gala Dinner at the National Building Museum


Presbyterian Gal said...

What an awesome trip! My own Momma's been bragging about you too. Can we see your interviews on You Tube?


GG said...

Your smile shows pure joy,for the experience you were having. Anxious to share your memories.