Thursday, February 24, 2011

Not a techie

I am not a techie. That is, I am not one who is so technology minded that I speak the lingo correctly, nor do I understand every nuance of what happens with computers and electronic equipment. I figure things out as I go along and get what I need done. Sometimes this need requires me to go someplace and purchase items to enhance the workings of the equipment and computers that I use. I usually come out of those places feeling like I know absolutely nothing and should never step in the store again.

Take today. Lovely Church Couple recently purchased a new computer for the church sanctuary. It's big, people. We went from 518MB to 1.5Terabytes. BIG!!! What I didn't realize, when I doing the research on the computer and such, is that the adapters that go to the monitors and projectors would be different on the new computer. So, as I was taking everything carefully out of the box, checking the cords that ran from the old computer to the projector converter box with the back of the new computer, I knew there was a problem. I called in some help. Then I took matters in my hands, took pictures of the back of the new computer, took the paper that came with the new computer and headed to the computer supply store.

Guy behind the counter was at first kind and helpful. I explained, I need a VGA and DVI out on the computer to connect to a monitor and the converter box for the multiple projectors. The computer has a DVI and HDMI out, no VGA. Was there a way to convert those? He handed me a DVI to VGA adapter. Yeah. No. I have that. I don't need that. Tried again. I need a VGA and DVI out on the computer. There is a DVI, (I pointed to the picture on the paper) I have a DVI to VGA adapter, can I convert the HDMI to a VGA or DVI output? Blank look and then the question came "what are you trying to do?" ARGH! Again, I pointed at the pictures, I used the words that I knew to use and finally a dawning reality upon the face of the Guy behind the Counter. He reached to the packet, directly next to the adapter he had previous picked up and said "Is this what you want?" to which I replied "YES!!!"

Still, as I was leaving the store with my newly purchased $40 part (geesh), I could tell that Guy behind the Counter was very skeptical that I knew anything at all about what I needed. In fact, I'm pretty sure that he was thinking I would be back to return my HDMI to DVI thing-a-ma-jig within an hour. But I showed him! I returned to church confident in my abilities to plug in the adapters and get the screens all set up and ready for Sunday morning services. Two hours later, not only was everything plugged in correctly (with a little maneuvering...that adapter thing-a-ma-jig took up a little too much space but I made it all fit!), programs installed and updated but I had already figured out the problem with the sound cord, had figured out how to upload a song library from another computer onto the new computer and was deep into the new software that I had installed, trying to get the program together for Sunday morning. Oh and I had eaten lunch too. Ha! Take that Guy behind the Counter.

I may not be a techie, but I can get things done. I am woman... :)

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And at the end you should insert the 1940's picture of the women with the head scarf showing off her bicep. You rock Ms B.