Sunday, February 27, 2011

Running through my brain

  • It's Sunday and I'm preparing for a Safe Church Training in just a half hour. In other words, in a half hour I will be leading a group of people in a discussion on Child Abuse awareness and how we can keep kids safe at our church. Doesn't matter how many times I watch the videos, I still get a little sick to my stomach every time.
  • In about a month I am heading to Galveston, Texas with some folks from the church and another church group to do Hurricane Ike relief work there. A part of me feels like I'm cheating on Pearlington.
  • Two weeks from today I get to give the morning message aka sermon at the church. For some reason this clip keeps running through my head. It may work it's way into my least one part of the line..."but I can't help it!" :)
  • We had a smattering of snow Saturday morning. I woke in time to see some flakes fall from the sky to the ground. It's a big deal here. Last time I remember snow at our house, I was in the 6th grade. That was a while ago folks!
  • This weekend is Quilt Fair Weekend for Yo Momma. We went out yesterday and spent a few hours wandering around the displays. Yo Momma has a quilt on display. I am amazed at how much time and thought is put into the quilts...some are amazingly beautiful. I decided, though, that I'm not much for the 'artistic' quilts. Give me something pretty traditional and I will be just fine...though none of those yo-yo quilts!!
That's all for now!

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