Friday, February 10, 2012

Drumroll please...

The pins and needles are now in the past...I officially have a job.  Administrative Assistant for the local District office of Rotary International.  It's a brand new job--they haven't hired anyone before--brand new office, brand new experience.  I'm excited.  Beyond excited.  Everything about this job just seems to fit me.  I know that God is in these details.

I'm also planning.  My commute has just doubled from my current one-day-a-week job and quadrupled (maybe even increased six-fold in mileage) from my former job.  I've spent the evening looking at the public transportation options, estimating my gas costs and trying to figure out how much it would cost to take said public transportation.  Not as easy as I thought it would be to figure some of that out but it's a good, anticipatory challenge.

I'm also working on a post that I'm a little terrified of writing.  I try to stay away from topics that get people worked up, but my brain is working overtime on a particular subject.  Stay tuned!

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