Friday, February 3, 2012


If you had asked me Wednesday morning about my Tuesday night job interview, I would have told you that it went fine.  I left the interview knowing I had been true to me but not really sure how well that came across.

Wednesday @ noon you would have seen me doing my version of the happy dance after receiving an email requesting a 2nd interview.

This morning at 11:37am, you might have seen me restrained and trying really hard not to jump up and down in glee in the middle of a sedated neighborhood of offices and homes.  I went into the beautiful old victorian house-turned office expecting a 2nd interview...I came out with a job offer.

Pending references, I have a new job.  A new job that I'm excited about.  I'm gonna hold off on sharing too much right now.

More to come...


Anonymous said...

Love they way you express your glee of this job offer. Can hardly wait to hear all the details that go along with it.

Prayers to Thanks!

scbeachgirl said...

Whooooo Whoooooo!!!