Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pronouncement for the day

I drove to work today.  It was raining, even though the forecasters said it "wasn't going to rain in the South Bay until the evening on Tuesday."  Yeah, this is why I have a hard time believing weather forecasters.

Anyway, I drove to work and listened to the radio and came up with the following pronouncement for the day...

I do.not.care.about.Taylor.Swift.  I changed radio channels and they were all (except for my favorite DJ Ralphie on "the pig on the radio" aka KPIG) talking about Taylor Swift.  I do not care who is is dating or sleeping with.  I do not care about her ideas on relationships.  I do not like her music.  I do not want to listen to her.  I do.not.care.

And that is my pronouncement for the day.

Happy Tuesday!


Meg said...

Just *wondering* if you noticed there was no T-swift at the wedding? Total head nod your way. ;) (even tho i am partial to a song or two...)

Brittany said...

To be honest, I did not notice but do so appreciate your taking care of my easily offended ears. :) I did love, by the way, the choice of song for your final dance of the evening. Kix Brooks gets 2 thumbs up!