Thursday, November 8, 2012


I have a bunch of posts started that I just can't seem to finish, which speaks more to my state of mind than to the subjects I am writing about.  By the time I sit down to write, my brain goes on a break.

So instead of writing about the deep subjects, I am going to share the pithy stuff today.

One of the websites I keep track of is the Highway Patrol website that tells of traffic collisions or road hazards.  I've written about it before...guy with broom on can be hysterical reading.

Today's made me chuckle a little.  We always know when the rain is starting after a little bit of a break because the roadways become a mess, especially the road between work and home that winds over "the hill".  It has some pretty fun curves in the road and when the road gets slick, well, people don't slow down and accidents happen and I read things like this:

Toyt PK vs CD and Hillside (aka Toyota pickup versus center divide and hillside)

Green PK vs Retaining wall--don't think I need to decipher that one.

What made me laugh was the "vs" part.  When I think of versus I think of one entity competing against another entity...which I guess was entirely true in these cases.  However, I, for one, know that when competing against the center divide, the hillside or the retaining wall, a vehicle will ALWAYS be the loser!

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