Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New normal

My journey to work today started in a car.  I drove from my house to the bus station and then caught the bus.  The bus dropped me off at the light rail station and I took the light rail to the Airport stop, where I crossed the street (in the rain) and got onto another bus.  This bus took me to the airport, where I walked from the bus stop to the...parking garage, where I located the car I was to pick up that I then paid an arm and a leg to drive out of the parking garage to work, all of 5 minutes away.  I left home at 6:40am and arrived at work at 8:55am.  I also got money and food during that time.

I worked from 9am-4:45pm.  At 4:45pm I went out and got into the car to drive home.  It took me 20 minutes to drive from work down the road about 8 blocks to the freeway entrance, where I then sat in stop and go traffic...and I got off at the airport exit and went to Target.  I walked out of Target at 5:48pm and got back into the car.  The stop and go traffic had eased some and I made my way home, where I walked into the door at 6:48pm.  That was after putting the gas pedal to the floor in order to get the car up the driveway because it had rained all day and the slurry seal is still causing some issues when it other words the tires have a hard time gripping the pavement and the tires slip, slip, slip.

It is now 8:17pm and I am watching UP! on TV and waiting for the clock to say 9pm so that I can go to bed and hopefully not wake up at 4:30am but the new "normal" time of 5:50am.  This night person is now a morning person-by-necessity-resisting-all-the-way.

Life has changed...that is all.

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