Monday, December 3, 2012

Wild weather weekend and a wedding

This morning Sam Shepherd on Good Morning America told me that the county in which I live received 13.25 inches of rain over the weekend.  I was first of all impressed that the county in which I live was mentioned on Good Morning America and secondly anything but doubtful to the truth of that claim.  It didn't just rain this weekend, the clouds let loose with all of the water they have been storing up all at once.  There was a lot of water in those clouds.  I hear that more is to come.  I am not worried.  I will, however, be going to Payless to see if they still have those pink polka dot rain boots in my size.  I'm tired of my shoes and socks getting wet.

The rain did not stop the plans for the weekend.  We are mountain people.  We don't let rain or downed trees and power lines or the threat of flooding or mudslides stop us!  No!  We continue on with our plans.  Some of us even drive like there aren't massive lakes of water that spray over the windshield when you drive through the lake or causing you to hydro-plane  Nope.  Don't want to slow down.  We are mountain people!

I digress.  The rain did not stop the plans for the weekend.  It was wedding weekend for Opinionated Friend.  There was much to be done.  Saturday as the rain came down outside, we cleared tables and chairs out of the reception room so that tables and chairs could be brought in.  We decorated, we created a photo "booth", we ran to the store for last minute items.  We went for the traditional bridal party mani-pedi's.  We rehearsed.  We went to the rehearsal dinner.  We laughed, we celebrated.  One stayed up late ironing the layered ruffles on a bridesmaid dress, for fear the steamer would not work.

Sunday the rain poured out of the sky.  That did not stop us!  There were errands to be run.  Candles!  Candles to the church!  Step in gigantic puddle on the way into the door of the church! Coffee!  Hotel for hair and make-up and pictures.  The rain stopped a little before noon.  Hallelujah!  The bridesmaid who stayed up late ironing, showed another bridesmaid how to iron her dress, as the feared thing happened...steamer did not work on the dress.  Laughter, hot flashes, mayhem ensued.  Hair was made beautiful, faces painted, lunch was eaten, freshly ironed dresses were donned, hotel room was cleared out, the first glimpse of the bride was seen by the groom, pictures were taken outside, with the sunset and the families.  The bridal party transported to the church.  Hair and make up retouched.  The church began to fill and soon it was time.  A trip down the aisle and soon a newly married couple emerged.  Clean up bridal "room", transport to reception.  Intros!  Cookies!  Food!  Drinks!  Pictures!  Cake!  Toasts!  Dancing!  Farewells!  Time to clean up.  Take down tables and chairs.  Bring back in original tables and chairs.  Load vehicles.  Home...dang it ANTS invading!  Eventually bed...20 hours after I had woken up but a mere 17 hours after I had actually gotten up.

Trees did fall down, power did go out, the river crested 1.7 feet below flood stage, little mudslides occurred but none of it affected the wedding, Sam Shepherd told me this morning that 13.25 inches of rain fell and Opinionated Friend is now Mrs. Opinionated Friend.  That is all.  :)

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scbeachgirl said...

Thanks friend for all you did to make my Wedding as smooth as it was! Rain or shine I knew I had great friends, family and the man I love so all was better than that, all was just the way it was meant to be! Low stress, lots of love and laughter, some crazy moments, and a great day thanks to people like you!!!