Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Today I missed the early commuter bus today by 30 seconds because:

  1. I am a girl.
  2. I got up 5 minutes late.
  3. I could not decide what to wear.
  4. Decided what to wear and then realized I had a "tan" line.  Changed mind on top.
  5. Put on new top.
  6. Went to leave and realized the fog was in.
  7. Went back for a sweater.
  8. I do not have a navy blue nor do I have an off white sweater.
  9. Had an off white sweater that I wore three times and decided it was awful.
  10. Donated it to Goodwill.
  11. It's cold, I need a sweater.
  12. Dilemma ensued.
  13. Wearing white and off-white unsettles me.
  14. Finally tore a white sweater off the hanger and refused to look in the mirror.
  15. Raced out the door, sailed through the various lights until that one light.
  16. Watched the bus turn up the street while sitting at that one light that would.not.turn.green.
  17. Started writing a letter to the city about that stupid light in my head.
  18. Light turned green.
  19. Pushed the van ahead of me to park and ride.
  20. Jumped out of car.
  21. Watched bus pull away.
  22. Sometimes it is a pain to be a girl.

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