Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What was I saying?

I had an extended coffee meet-up with a friend on Friday.  It was a beautiful day and we sat enjoying the California close-enough-to-the-beach-that-it-is pleasant weather and talking.  I, in my typical don't think about it fashion, neglected the sunscreen.  I regret that decision today as I look at the lovely tan lines I know sport.  That v-neck tee was nice but the v-neck tan line does not look nice with all the scoop neck work shirts I own.  Oh well.

As we were talking my friend mentioned a song that we had sung with a couple of years back.  It was a Johnny Cash song.  Neither of us could remember the name.  Which prompted a discussion about how much we both tend to forget things these days.  Mere seconds later another friend asked about the doctor I was going to and I COULD NOT come up with her name.  Which prompted much laughter.

About an hour later in the midst of a lively discussion about, well, something, my friend and I both were distracted by the group of three next to us.  We attempted to keep the conversation going but the circus happening in this group just drew our attention away.  When that group finally left my friend looked at me and said, "What was I saying?", which caused another round of hysterical laughter.  It went on like that the rest of the time (and seeing as how we were there for almost 4 hours, there were a lot of those moments.  Best way to spend a Friday...even with the awesomely awkward tan lines I now have.)

I relate that story because just 10 minutes ago, as I was browsing through the Internet, I had a brilliant idea for a blog post.  I was going to pontificate and make grand statements and basically rant.  I signed into blogger and promptly forgot what I was going to post about.  It came back to me as I typed out that last sentence. I'm going to start another post and save it for later, if I don't get distracted by something else in the next 10 minutes.

This memory-distraction thing, though is kind of stressing me out.  For someone who values words as much as I do, the tendency to forget words is beginning to make me wonder what is happening to my brain.  Which makes me think that maybe it's a result of getting older.  Then I get depressed when I think of the number of candles that will be on my birthday cake this year (did someone yell fire?) and start thinking about how differently life turned out than I imagined they would when I was 20 and throw a pity party for one and then I remember my doctors name and that's enough of...HEY, that's the name of the Johnny Cash song, That's Enough!...wait, what I was I saying?

Welcome to my life. 

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