Thursday, April 9, 2009

The end is near!

Woke up today to the news that phone lines had been sabotaged in the general area resulting in a loss of cell phone service as well as land lines or Internet for some. Went about my day as life will not come to an end if my cell phone doesn't work.

But there are some in the area who know, know that this was an act of terrorism, that there is someone out there trying to obliterate us and we need to be prepared for the worst. Buy food and water, get a transistor radio and hunker down! Because we are under attack!

I say, if the phone lines being down meant that the guy at the table next to me at lunch couldn't talk on his cell phone while dining, then I'm very much okay with the loss of cell phone service today. I kind of liked not having to answer my cell phone...though I still carried it with me because it's also my clock!

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