Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Morning Bloopers

The pastor is on vacation this week, which meant that a lot more got added to my plate...including the sermon. The sermon was pretty fun but I hate, hate, hate doing the welcome and announcements. This morning is a good example why.

I had made all the announcements that I had at the 1st service and was having people greet each other when someone said "Hey can you make an announcement about the Crop and Craft day on Saturday." Sure, no problem. That is until I actually spoke. It came out like this:

"Saturday is Crap and..." that's as far as I got before my brain caught up with my mouth and the congregation caught on to what had been said. 98% of the people were in hysterics, as was the gentleman who asked me to make the announcement. 2% were not amused. Sigh.

Hello, my name is Brittany and I'm human.


Presbyterian Gal said...

hee hee hee.

2% is not enough to fret about. Actually that's a pretty low percentage of unforgiving Christians in a church.

hee hee hee.

Brittany said...

If it had happened at the other service those numbers might have been flipped. :)