Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Paying attention

In our weekly staff meetings we've been discussing a book by Ruth Haley Barton titled "Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership". This morning I remembered at 8:45am that I had yet to read the chapter for this week for our 9:30am meeting...and I still had to dry my hair, get dressed and drive to work...and stop for coffee because it's that kind of a day.

I made it to work by 9:23 and had 7 minutes to read as much as possible of the chapter. That's when I read these words,

"Many of us are choosing to live lives that do not set us up to pay attention, to notice the those places where God is at work and to ask ourselves what these things mean. We long for a word from the Lord, but somehow have been suckered into believing that the pace we keep is what leadership requires. We slide inexorably into a way of life that offers little or no opportunity for paying attention and then wonder why we are not hearing from God when we need God most." (p. 62)

Okay, I get it.

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